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 our mission 

New System Exhibitions (NSE) is an artist-run exhibition space in the West Bayside neighborhood of Portland, Maine. Founded in late June, 2018 with a non-profit mission of providing exhibition, curatorial, and performance opportunities for local and regional emerging artists, NSE is focused on facilitating direct engagement with the community and increased creative autonomy for artists. This autonomy manifests in shows that are primarily artist-directed and curated, often as a solo or two-person exhibitions at a stage in the artist’s career when solo shows are rarely offered. NSE relies on grants and donations to run the space and exhibition program, which takes the financial pressure away from the artist, and allows for presentation of artwork that disregards salability.

NSE engages the community through exhibitions, artist talks, group critiques, video and media content. We have hosted events in partnership with several other organizations, including The Chart online journal, MECA, Waking Windows music festival, and PhoPa gallery. Beyond specific curatorial goals, our aim is to provide a semi-traditional art space that is inclusive and innovative.


Each show spans  10 days  and often includes an opening reception, artist talk, and other related events.

New System is  open everyday  during an exhibition (prior to COVID-19 pandemic).

Exhibitions are  artist-directed , conceived, and curated. We assist in helping artists execute their ideas as faithfully as possible.

Sales are encouraged, but  no commission  is taken. Salability of an artist's work is never considered.


Many exhibition ideas grow from direct relationships and communication within our immediate community of artists, but we are excited to accept exhibition proposals from local and regional artists/curators currently unknown to us. We hope to exhibit work that is challenging, experimental, deeply investigated, physical or non-physical, or in questioning conversation with an established artistic tradition. Keep an eye on our instagram for exhibition announcements and news about upcoming events.

 NSE Team 


Alice Jones


Henry Austin

Samantha Butler

Samantha Butler

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Cody Castle-Stack


Isaac Jaegerman


Hector Magaña


Nevan Swanson

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