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We are now accepting proposals for our 2021 programming!


We are thrilled and thankful to provide another season of exhibition opportunities for local and regional early-career artists.

DEADLINE for submissions EXTENDED TO:

Sunday, March 28th @ 11:59 pm EST



Ashley Page

Ashley Page is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Portland, ME. She presently holds a BFA in Sculpture and a Minor in Public Engagement from Maine College of Art (MECA). As a maker, a woman of color, a community organizer, a little sister, and a daughter, she creates space for dialogue, intergenerational exchange, and creative expression. She currently works at Indigo Arts Alliance, as their Studio and Programs Coordinator where she is able to learn within the intersection of art and activism. In spring 2020, she was awarded the Heart and Soul Student Award by Maine Campus Compact for her D.E.I work as a student. In 2018 - 2019, she was a Warren Public Engagement Fellow at MECA with Alejandra Cuadra where they collaboratively created an artistic philosophy of representation, diversity, equity, and justice. Her curatorial and studio practice has been seen in the Center for Afrofuturist Studies, The Abyssinian Meeting House, The Portland Public Library, Congress Square Park, Able Baker Contemporary, New System Exhibitions, Engine, and more.


Gelsey Amelia is a gay, white, multi-disciplinary artist, a founding member of New Fruit art collective, and 1/3 of the performance group Cavatica. She has spent the past 10 years focusing on the creation of collectively-run spaces, striving to work beyond the often elitist & constricting “art world” by organizing & curating accessible, experimental opportunities and experiences for all outsiders — especially queers and freaks. With installation, movement, video, and illustration, Gelsey’s current work explores healing through themes of transmutation, ritual, dualities, mythology, ancestry, liminal spaces, the passage of time, and utopian/dystopian visions. Capricorn sun, Cancer rising, Virgo moon :-*


Gelsey Amelia


Jenna Crowder

Jenna Crowder is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and editor working in publication, installation, criticism, and curation as modes of public practice. She is interested in writing as a visual practice and language as a site of collaboration and performance. Jenna is the Co-Founding Editor of The Chart, an online arts journal that celebrates slow publishing, regionally-specific critical artistic dialogue, and IRL conversation as a form of publishing. Her writing has appeared in such publications as Art Papers, Boston Art Review, The Brooklyn Rail, BURNAWAY, Liminalities: a journal of performance studies, Temporary Art Review, and The Rib, among other places. The exhibition Persephone in the Late Anthropocene, which Jenna co-curated with poet Megan Grumbling, is currently on view at the University of New England.


Veronica Perez (b. 1983) utilizes hair, kitschy, and other unconventional materials in my sculptural works - I create intense personal moments by means of material hybridization and ideals of beauty. Material fragility echoes sentiments of a lost self, and at the same time comments on contemporary Latinx and feminist issues. Recently, I have been working at the intersection of identity, vulnerability, protection, and power through the facade of dark absurdity using materials such as sugar, fake hair, chain link fences, and fake sunflowers.



Veronica Perez

What are the rules for picking a name for a private limited company?

The registrar of companies (RoC) across India expect applicants to follow a few naming guidelines. Some of them are subjective, which means that approval can depend on the opinion of the officer handling your application. However, the more closely you follow the rules listed below, the better your chances of approval. First, however, do ensure that your name is available.

How much time is needed for setting up a private limited company in India?

If you have all the documents in order, it will take no longer than 15 days. However, this is dependent on the workload of the registrar.

Do I need to be physically present during this process?

No, new company registration is a fully online process. As all documents are filed electronically, you would not need to be physically present at all. You would need to send us scanned copies of all the required documents & forms.

What documents are required to complete the process?

All directors must provide identity and address proof, as well as a copy of the PAN card (for Indian nationals) and passport (for foreign nationals). No-objection certificate must be submitted by the owner of the registered office premises.

Does a private limited company have continuous existence?

Yes, so long as the annual compliances are met, the private limited company will continue to exist. If you do not comply with the requirements, it will go dormant, until it is struck off the register altogether.

Is it necessary to have a company’s books audited?

Yes, a private limited company must hire an auditor, no matter what its revenues. In fact, an auditor must be appointed within 30 days of incorporation. Compliance is important with a private limited company, given that penalties for non-compliance can run into lakhs of rupees and even lead to the blacklisting of directors.

What are articles of association and memorandum of association?

These documents contain the rules, vision and mission of your organisation, and define, among other things, the exact business and the roles and responsibilities of shareholders and directors.

Are two directors necessary for a private limited company registration?

Yes, a minimum of two directors are needed for a private limited company. The maximum members can be 200. You can register as a one person company, if you are the sole owner of the company.

What is the minimum capital needed to form a private limited company?

There is no minimum capital required for starting a private limited company.

Can the director of a private limited company be a salaried person?

Yes, a salaried person can become the director in a private limited, LLP or OPC private limited company. One needs to check the employment agreement if that allows for such provisions. In a lot of cases, the employers are quite comfortable with the fact that their employee is a director in another company.

Can the limited liability partnership (LLP) be converted to a private limited company?

No, one cannot convert an LLP into a private limited company as it is not a MCA. The LLP Act, 2008 and the Companies Act, 2013, both don’t have any provisions on conversion of the LLP in a private limited company. However, if one wants to expand their business they can register a new private limited company with the same name. The LLP company needs to just issue a no objection certificate.

Can one register a private limited company on their home address?

Yes, the company can be registered at the owner's home address. A copy of the utility bill is required to be submitted.

If there are no partners available, then can one register their family members in the company?

Yes, it is good to register a family member as a partner. At a later stage one can change this or transfer shares of the directors.

Does one have to be present in person for the incorporation of a private limited company?

The entire procedure is done online and one does not have to be present at our office or any other place for the incorporation. A scanned copy of the documents has to be sent via mail. They get the company incorporation certificate from the MCA via courier at the business address.

Can NRIs/foreign nationals become directors in a private limited company?

Yes, a NRI or a foreign national can become a director of a private limited company. He or she must obtain a DIN from the Indian RoC. They can also hold a controlling stake in the company. As long as at least one director on the board of directors is an Indian resident

 Frequently Asked Questions