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Why we need your support, and How will your financial support be used?


Donations of any size are used solely for the costs associated with the planning and executing of an exhibition. NSE functions as a studio during much of the winter, but donations are used to cover rent only in the months that the space is used as a public gallery. Other costs include upkeep of the space, designing and printing of promotional media, website maintenance, and liability insurance. Your support is integral in allowing NSE to keep its door’s open and pursue its mission of serving as one of the few platforms for emerging artists in Maine as well as a space for open dialogue around the arts. We believe strongly in this mission, and we hope that if you do too you will consider extending your support.

How is your financial support processed? Is it tax deductible?


Your donation is processed by our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, which is a national organization serving hundreds of arts projects and cooperatives in the U.S. with non-profit models but lacking legal non-profit status. Funds are disbursed to us for the aforementioned purposes, and your donation is tax-deductible.

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